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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Vedic Maths : Lesson 1 (Multiply Easily)

These lessons are based on Vedic Maths" principles and other maths tricks.These principles are general in nature
and can be applied in many ways and very very useful in commercial arthematics. I hope all of you like these
lessons and make your calculation more fast and save lot of time in daily calculations and examinations or any
TEST etc etc

Method for multiplying numbers where the first figures are same and the last figures add to1 0
                                                         42 x 48 =
                         Both numbers here start with 4 and the last
                                  figures (2 and 8) add up to 10.
                            just multiply 4 by 5 (the next number up)
                            to get 20 for the first part of the answer.

And we multiply the last figures: 2 x 8 = 16 to get the last part of the answer

Method for multiplying numbers where the first figures add up 10 and the last figures are same 
                           Here first figures are 4 and 6 and their add up 10 and unit figures of both number are same Just multiplying the last figures 4x4=16
                                                     Put it at right hand side
Again multiplying the first figures and add common degit(4x6 )+4=24+4=28 put it at left hand side
                                         Now we get required answer  2816

            Similarly 36x76 , 6X6 =36 right hand side , (3x7)+6= 21+6=27 left hand side
                                              Required answer is 2736

                       NOTE : If multiplication of last figures is less than 10 add zero before unit digit
                                Ex 81x21 , 1x1=01,( 8x2)+1= 16+1=17 Required answer 1701

Method for multiplying numbers where the first number"s add up10 and and the second number's digits are same

                Here first number's add up is 10 and second number "s digits are common i.e 5
                          Just multiplying last figures of both numbers 6x5 =30 put it at right hand side
          Again multiplying first figures of both numbers and add common digit of second number
                                  ( 4x5)+5 =20+5 =25 put it left hand side
               Required answer is 2530 ( If multiplication is in unit in first step add zero before it)
                                                   108 x 109 = 11772
                                 The answer is in two parts: 117 and 72,
                                       117 is just 108 + 9 (or 109 + 8),
                                                 and 72 is just 8 x 9.
                                        Similarly 107 x 106 = 11342


Compute the amount and the compound intrest on Rs 10000.00 on 2.years at4%per annum.

Now 4x4=16 and 4+4=8 put 10 it becomes Rs 10816.00
How simple ! no calculation no extra time !

                                                            Practice Test 1
                                                   Solve mentally these questions
                                        Note down your calculation time by watch
                                                  (Suggested time 90 seconds)
22 X 28        35 X 35            48 X 42
   73 X 33            12 X 92               48 X 28
       28 X 22               37 X 88                  91 X 66
          118 X105             109 X108                112 X106
                91 X 99                 33 X 37                   55X55
                                      Now check your answer with the help of a calculator

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